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Child & Family Wellness Collaborative

Why is this important?  Support for at-risk youth and families is an important community condition that enables families to raise physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy children.

North County has substantially more teen parents, yet fewer support services available and fewer participants in services. Transportation to support programs is a challenge.

Opportunity: Conduct a listening session with a current/past teen parent.

The South County Lopez Continuation school provides an onsite child care center.

Opportunity: Explore replicating this in the North County where the the need is high.

Each agency is collecting unique data sets in multiple data platforms tied to state and federal contracts. There is no centralized data system.

Opportunity: Explore shared or common demographics and outputs.

Opportunity: Map resources to improve distribution of services, funding and staff across the County.

Countywide Prevention Plan:

Coordinate Primary & Secondary Child Abuse Prevention through high-functioning partnerships.

Steward the SAFE System of Care, a countywide interagency collaboration for the benefit of families and students.

Elevate Family Resource Centers & Family Strengthening Programs as the primary pathway to support children, youth and families.

Build capacity in the family strengthening field through education, training and leadership development.