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Kidz Toolbox
for Personal Safety

Each year, we teach over 4,500 children protective and safety skills, including the difference between safe and unsafe touching. The lessons are intended for Preschool, Kindergarten, 2nd Grade, and Special Needs students and their parents. Our qualified Educators teach assertiveness skills and model how to ask for help if they have a problem.  Studies show that these are key skills lacking in children at risk for abuse.

The lessons vary according to the grade level, and the skills targeted for practice are developmentally appropriate. At all grade levels, children have opportunities for skill practice and transfer of learning. To learn more call and schedule lessons for your site call 805-543-6216.

The Kidz Toolbox for Personal Safety lessons are free of charge to all schools and community groups

Kindergarten Lessons

The Kindergarten Kidz Toolbox for Personal Safety curriculum emphasizes the importance of following safety rules using age-appropriate language and terminology.  Children learn to be safe by talking about and practicing safety rules at home. These rules include car, traffic and fire safety.

As the Kidz Toolbox for Personal Safety lessons continue we talk about touching safety using puppets, a book and a song to teach these lessons. Children will learn that safety rules include rules about touching.  The Kidz Toolbox curriculum teaches children about:

  • Safe, unsafe and unwanted touching
  • The Touching Rule
  • The Safety Steps
  • The Always Ask First Rule: Always ask parents or the person in charge before going anywhere, helping anyone, accepting anything, or getting into a car

Second Grade Lessons

The 2nd Grade Kidz Toolbox for Personal Safety curriculum emphasizes the importance of following safety rules. Children learn to be safe by talking about safety and practicing using safety rules at home. These rules include:

  • Car, bike and gun safety
  • Home and phone safety
  • Establishing a unique family Code Word

The 2nd Grade lessons also teach children about touching safety. Touch is important to children. Touch communicates love, comfort, nurturing and acceptance. It’s important for children to know that most touches are safe and caring. It’s also important to know that some touches aren’t okay. Children need to know what they can do if they get a touch that doesn’t feel safe or makes them uncomfortable and confused. The Kidz Toolbox curriculum teaches children that there are three kinds of touches:

  • Safe touches
  • Unsafe touches
  • Unwanted touches

Children also learn the Touching Rule: “No one should touch your private body parts except to keep you clean and healthy.” In addition to learning about touching safety, children learn the Safety Steps that will guide them to know what to do if someone breaks the Touching Rule.

Kindergarten Lessons

Second Grade Lessons

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