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The residents of San Luis Obispo County have shown their support to our most vulnerable populations through donations to the Disaster Support Fund at The Community Foundation San Luis Obispo County

The Community Foundation awarded a Disaster Support Fund rapid response grant to Center for Family Strengthening for the Promotores program. The funds will help us continue serving the Latino communities in San Luis Obispo County with concrete support and resources.

“Thanks to this grant, our Promotores, who are true heroes, will continue working with the community to provide the emotional support, resources and accurate information to one of our most vulnerable populations: the Latino and Mixteco community,” shared Erica Ruvalcaba-Heredia, Ed.D., Director of Programs at Center for Family Strengthening. “Promotores volunteers distribute food bags from the Food Bank to elderly people or other families who don’t have transportation. They are constantly checking in with families to provide emotional support during this difficult time.”