Center for Family Strengthening is dedicated to strengthening families through education and advocacy. The center partners with family support organizations in San Luis Obispo County to provide resources to families in need, protect children from abuse and neglect, and ensure that strong families are a community priority.

Helping families thrive.

Patti Hempenius

Patti HempeniusMeet our Board member Pattie Hempenius.  Pattie brings more than 50 years of experience in both social services and business.  She has served on multiple Boards of Directors in both the nursing industry as well as the lodging industry and has a wealth of experience in local, national and international business.  Patti is currently serving as a Board Member of Central Coast Funds for Children.  As a registered nurse she holds the California state designation “Public Health Nurse” and is currently retired from nursing.  Pattie has been a very successful business owner of nine lodging properties on the Central coast. She graduated from Cal State Dominguez Hills with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.   She is married to Jerry Hempenius, is the mother of a son and daughter and is a Grandmother to four delightful grandchildren.

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